• Environmentally Conscious 🌎

    Whether it's your Body, Plants, Animals, or the Environment, when Something is-Burdened, it Begins to Degrade. 

    When the Burdening Stops, Things Begin to Regenerate. 

    We want to Lessen the Burden on Earth. 

    Here at Tropical Queens Crystals LLC, we strive to be as Eco-Conscious as Possible. 

    From our Packing Supplies to our Business Cards and so on.

  • Authenticity & Quality 💎

    We are Always, Researching and Learning- to Ensure and Maintain- Knowledge of all items we Carry and Make. We Speak to the Distributors and Manufacturers about your new item so we understand what we are Carrying. All items: are Authentically Explained, so Quality is Received.

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There are Many Beautiful Crystals, Frequencies & Energy Device Designs. 

Due to this, we want to Give our Supporters Different Choices. We also know that Everyones' Journey has Different Wants and Needs.

With that said, Item Inventory will Change and we want to hear your Suggestions! Tap the "Email a Suggestion" Button Below

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