A Spiritual Guide to using Crystals

A Spiritual Guide to using Crystals

One common question I usually hear is “How do you use crystals?” My first response is “It’s your reality” the mind is very powerful. If your mind is closed, how you perceive something will be very different from someone’s reality where their mind is open. Crystals are used for many different things like Chakras, healing, protection, meditation, and so much more. The world is your oyster when it comes to crystals. I do however understand people just want the deets on crystals. This is the reason for this blog, to help point you in the right direction for you and your crystal(s).

There are many aspects when it comes to healing with crystals. It is very important to do proper research when you are choosing the right healing method with your crystals. There are many books and resources online about healing with crystals, and the healing method. This article is a general guide to help you figure out what and how you want to use your crystals.

Chakra healing with crystals is one of the more popular and common healing methods. Chakras are energy points connected to the physical body with electromagnetic bodies surrounding it. Traditionally, there are 7 major chakras: The base, Sacral, Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, and Crown. When these are blocked or overactive chakras create disharmony, from this it leads to physical, emotional, or mental disease. There are specific crystals associated with chakras to help cleanse, activate, or align their subtle energies. Also certain colors of crystals are used for chakra healing.

There is a variety of ways crystals are used for physical conditions. Carrying a crystal/crystals that resonate with a physical ailment can gently relieve the condition. You can place crystals alone or in combination, on the distressed area of concern for healing purposes. The crystal(s) can be moved over the body, which can help rebalance physical and energetic bodies, they can also be placed in a bath. There are elixirs that are made from the appropriate crystals for internal healing. As stated above always do your research before choosing and proceeding with a healing method. This is not medical advice and it is always advised to consult with a physician, or a qualified crystal healer before the healing method is used.

Crystals are often used for a type of protection. They can benefit your self, family, home, car, work, and your surroundings. The energy from the crystals repel or absorb negative energy and introduce positive energy in replacement. It’s said that placing a protection crystal outside your front door will protect the home. Place the appropriate crystal(s) next to your harmful electromagnetic devices to help protect you against the negative energy they release. It is always good to listen to your intuition, the crystal will guide you on the best placement for the best protection needed at that time.

Meditating with a crystal/crystals can enhance your meditative state. They can open you up to another world, where you can further get to know your crystal(s). Some methods during meditation with crystals are holding your crystal(s) in your hand(s), placing the crystals on your body, and/or using a crystal grid/Mandala during your meditation session. There are certain crystals that are known to specifically enhance your meditation. However, you can use the crystals that are calling to you for your meditation. Even before you realize the crystal(s) are connected to you, and there is a reason you are being drawn to a certain crystal/crystals.

There are so many different ways to make use of your crystal(s). After researching, and listening to that voice deep within you, you will then have a sense of what your crystal(s) can do for you and what you need from them. You may think you are the one choosing, but you may be the one that is being chosen. You will ultimately know what’s right for you and what you are willing to allow in your reality. No matter how you choose to use your crystals they will bring you more positivity in your everyday. Let that part of nature back into your life.

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