A Little About Our Story

We are a Small, Woman-Owned Business Passionate about Spreading Free-Flowing Positive Energy in a World Full of Stagnant Negative Energy. Our Lives changed when Illness Arose within our Immediate Circle, which took us down a Path that changed our Lives and Everything we knew. We started seeing things from a Bird's-Eye View, looking down at a New Reality. During this Journey, we came across Energy/Frequency and its Importance in our Day-to-Day Lives. Realizing our Connection to Earth and Everything in it was an Incredible Revelation that we never thought about Beyond what's Taught in our Society. We as a Species have a Severe Disconnect from our Biological Nature and Replace it with all things Artificial, however, some things need to remain Natural to Show their Full Potential. Humans must Reconnect to the Earth in ways that may seem very Unorthodox but Rest Assured, studies Regarding Energy have been put to the test in many ways, so why don't more People put their Energetic Needs First?
-Maybe, not enough people know?
-Maybe, not enough people have been taught?
-Maybe, we don't know where to start?
Whatever the case, we hope to bring some Support, and may your Next Steps be Full of Energetic Cleansing and Growth.

Tropical Queens Crystals Thanks You for your Support.