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Tropical Queens Crystals

4096 HZ Tuning Fork

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This Listing is for (1) 4096 HZ Tuning Fork with the Choice of Adding a Rubber Mallet or Not and a Reusable Bag

When Buying, Please Pay Attention to which Option you are adding to your Cart.

The Mallet is made from Natural Rubber and a Wood Handle. The Reusable Bag is Made from Polyester and Comes Straight from the Manufacturer.

Made in the USA

-These Forks Have Been Heat-Treated for Strength,

-They are Lead-Free,

-Durable Wrought Aluminum Alloy,

-They are Lightweight,

-The Metal is Non-Fatiguing-it will Last, 

-Superior Frequency Conductivity!

Every fork is Hand Tuned 3x's to Assure Precise Accuracy Within +/- .25%. 


4096 HZ has a Resonant Frequency to that of The Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is Mother Earth's Natural Heartbeat/Frequency-7.83 HZ. 

-7.83 HZ is Rounded to 8 HZ 
-8 Doubled is 16
-16 Doubled is 32
-32 Doubled is 64
-64 Doubled is 128
-128 Doubled is 256
-256 Doubled is 512
-512 Doubled is 1024
-1024 Doubled is 2048
-2048 Doubled is 4096
4096 HZ is said to be the Core Frequency of Quartz Crystals and can Clear Negative Energy. It is used to Cleanse Crystals and bring Insight.

We Live in a Time of Technology, Full of Electric Pollution with Improper Wavelengths that Disrupt Earth and Life's Natural Frequency. Reconnect Yourself to Part of your Biological Nature.
When the Brain Hears a Certain Frequency, your Brain Begins to Synchronize and Produce Binaural Beats. Never Forget to Open your Heart and Mind to Feel What Cannot be Seen. Enjoy Researching the Benefits of Sound Healing and Music Therapy.

Shipping & Returns

-Shipping 🏴‍☠️

Please Allow 1-4 Days for Processing

Packed with the Environment in MInd ♻️

-Our Shipping Boxes are Recyclable & Curbside Recyclable,

-Our Shipping Labels are Recyclable & Curbside Recyclable,

-Our Packing Supplies are Recyclable & Compostable,

-Our Packing Tape is Recyclable & Compostable (The Tape that Cushions the Ormus is NOT due to the Manufacturer)

-Our Jewelry and Pipette Boxes are Recyclable & Compostable,

-Our Cotton Bags are Reusable, Recyclable, & Compostable (The Ink on the Bags is Water-Soluble, Non-Toxic, & Acid-Free)

-Returns ⏎

All Sales are Final. We do not Accept Returns, Refunds, or Exchanges at Tropical Queens Crystals LLC. We Stand Behind our Products and will always be Transparent. We Believe these items chose their Owners Before the Owner even knew it, and Believe it's Meant to be.

Legal Notice

This Information is Not Intended to Provide Medical Advice and Should Not Be Construed- as Medical Recommendations for any Symptom, Illness, or Disease. Consult a Licensed Healthcare Professional for Treatment