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Tropical Queens Crystals

Agate Slice

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Stand option

(1) agate slice with your choice of a stand included for free

w/ Stand = with a stand

w/o Stand = without a stand 

please pick your preference when picking the Agate # you choose 

sizes are between 4-5

Metaphysical properties are dependent upon the individual’s reality and beliefs. What may be for one, may not be for another.

All of the pieces are cleansed with sound 🎵

What do you do with Crystals? 

  • Some people use them for Decor
  • Use these for Coasters 
  • Some people have made Technology like phones, clocks, watches, and more
  • Some people use them for their healing and metaphysical properties
  • Some people collect them

The possibilities are in the eye of the beholder 



Shipping & Returns

Packed with the Environment in MInd

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8 oz Glass Bottle