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Tropical Queens Crystals

Orgone charging plate (6-inch)

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Note: These plates can take weeks to make. We are always making pieces and will post them in the Energy Device Collection as they become available, so keep an eye out for new creations. Every piece is created with the purest energy while Steven Halpern plays 🎼



This Listing is for (1) 6 inch Orgone Charging Plate that is Handmade in Small Batches with the Highest Quality Ingredients. 

-The Mixture of Organic-Inorganic Materials Layered creates Orgone Energy and Crystals are added to Amplify the Power and add their own Valuable Metaphysical Properties.

-In 2013, a study was done at Pennsylvania State University showing Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Accumulator Structured Water and Showed Greater Biological Activity in Seeds.


-Plants Absorb more Water when the Water is Structured, Leaving more time for the Plant to focus on Growing.

-Dr. Gerald Pollack found that the Human Body uses H302 inside our Cells, not H20. H302 is also found in Springs, Rain, Waterfalls, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Plants, and more. H302 is Living Water that is Electrically Charged and Referred to as the 4th Phase of Water. It is also known as-Structured Water, Vortexed Water, Magnetized Water, Hexagonal Water, EZ Water, and Gel Water. Yet, Another Reason these Devices can Benefit your Reality.

(Watch Dr. Pollack speaking about the 4th Phase of Water Below) ↓



We Test our Pyramids/Charging Plates with Radiesthesia  

Each Pyramid/Charging Plate goes Through the Water Test to show the Vortex it Creates.

These Devices each have Natural Imperfections, such as Air Bubbles, Popped Air Bubbles, and other Inclusions. The Power of the Device is not Affected by these Imperfections

Every Piece has Selenite and/or Bionized Quartz Sand to Create Super-Charged Pieces that do not Require Recharging. 

Bionized Quartz Sand Retains Amplified Life Force Energy-Forever! This means it's always Charged ∞ 

We offer Bionized Quartz Sand in the Ormus & Bionized Quartz Sand Collection.


 Some of the ingredients we use to create our pieces. 


-Our Resin is Voc Free and Non-Toxic

-Elite Shungite Powder that is up to 98% Carbon 

-Black Tourmaline and Pyrite is added for EMF Protection,

-99.9% Pure Magnetic Lodestone Sand (Fe304) also known as Magnetite / Black Iron Oxide- 

-99.9% Pure Rochelle Salt is added,

-Includes Selenite to keep the Device Super-Charged

-High-Quality Atomized Powder that is 99.9% Pure and Provides Millions of Layers (the More Layers, the Better), 

-99.9% Pure Aluminum Chop

-Ormus is mixed into every Resin Layer to Amplify the Life Force Energy,

Plus So Much More That Makes Our Speciality plates Quality Devices.


Orgone Energy:

Dr. Wilhelm Reich Discovered Energy through his Experiments that Confirmed the Atmosphere and Space are Full of an Ever-Present Energy Continuum. He Termed this Discovery Orgone Energy, also known as Vital Energy, Bio-Energy, Chi, Prana, or Life-Force Energy. 

“My present work began in the realm of psychiatry and psychoanalysis. This led to the discovery of bio-energy in the living organism and atmosphere. It follows new, hitherto unknown functional laws of nature.” -Wilhelm Reich

Reich Created Several Devices Including, a Cloudbuster, and Orgone Energy Accumulator. The Orgone Accumulator was a Cabinet Layered with Organic and Inorganic Materials. Reich Invented the Accumulator to Heal Energetic Properties in Beings. He also Invented the Cloudbuster, which he Proved could Manipulate Weather. He used Hollow Tubes to Harness Orgone Energy in the Atmosphere while Connecting a Grounding Rod to a Living Source of Water.

A Study was done in Ashland, OR, and found Blue-Glowing Properties that were, Observed to appear in Distilled Water Samples when Charged Inside Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Accumulator. Almost Identical Blue Fluorescence Reactions were found in Natural Rainwater and Snowmelt Samples when Compared-to the Super-Charged Water in Reich's Orgone Accumulator.

James DeMeo Further Investigated Reich's work in 1976 and confirmed the Theory that Orgone Energy helps Water Structure in such a way that-Inhibits Evaporation-when the Cloudbusters Pointed to the Sky, the Orgone Energy that's holding together the Surface Tension of the Water in the Cloud, Dissipates, causing the Cloud to Evaporate or Bust-Hence the term, Cloudbuster. 

Blue Fluorescence Properties? It may seem very Unorthodox, but Reich has Sufficient Proof to Withstand Criticism.

Reich Discovered by Accident that, during an Experiment Involving Emotions, Pleasure Measured at the Skin Level is the Movement of Biological Energy Away from the Center- while Anxiety-is the Movement of this Energy toward the Center.

Further Experiments Demonstrated the Energy of Emotion and Sexuality were far more Powerful than what had been-Measured at the Skin's Surface. Radiant-Energy Fields around Microbes and Humans- were also discovered.

During these Experiments, Reich found that by Rapidly Heating and Cooling-Organic and Inorganic Substances, they Break Up into BluishSupercharged, Pulsating Vesicles. He called these energy Vesicles, Bions after the Greek word for “Life.”

He Believed that Bions are the Real Building Blocks of Life. Wilhelm Reich’s Research also Revealed that Certain Bions Exhibited a Strong Radiation-Phenomenon, that could Kill Bacteria and Cancer Cells.

“..Many biologists (Burr, among them) have demonstrated the existence of an energy field surrounding living cells and multicellular organisms, outside the material boundary of the organism itself. It is considered to be an electromagnetic energy field. In orgone physics, however, we contend that this field of energy surrounding the organism has nothing to do with electromagnetism and is in reality an orgone energy field, i.e., a field of specific biological energy. It functions at a distance, without the need of material contact between the body surfaces of the organisms. My own experiments with the oscillograph and the recently constructed orgone energy field meter have shown not only that such an energy field exists but also that its area of radiation varies considerably from individual to individual, from as little as a few centimeters to as much as four meters (according to the observations made up to now). It also varies with any existing Organism; i.e. it expands and contracts. These Functions of the energy field are dependent upon the emotional state of the organism." -Wilhelm Reich

In the 1950s, The FDA Banned and Burned Reich's Research and almost every Book he Wrote. His Theories are still Smeared by many, but others have Continued his Research to Prove his Theories Correct. Never stop Researching and Experiencing what this Vital Energy is and what it can do. Open your Mind During your Energetic Journey.

Karl Welz, Carol Croft, and Don Croft Continued Wilhelm Reich's Work and Created Devices that Exude Life Force. These Devices Cleanse Negative and Stagnant Energy and Transmute it into Positive Energy or Positive Orgone Radiation (POR). They are known to Mitigate ElectroSmog aka Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR) and Protect you against Artificial Electromagnetic Energy, which Creates a Slew of Biological Changes. 

Suggested Uses:

-Mitigate EMF Pollution,

-Structure Water,

-Place under Animals Food/Water Bowls

-Increase Plant Growth,

-Increase Vital Energy in Food and Drinks,

-Reduce Stress and Anxiety,


-Charge your Crystals,

-Better Rest,

-Manifestation Piece,

-Aids in Mediation,

-Vivid Dreams,

Plus so much more! ꩜




All of the pieces are cleansed with sound 🎵

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-Our Packing Supplies are Recyclable & Compostable,

-Our Packing Tape is Recyclable & Compostable (The Tape that Cushions the Ormus is NOT due to the Manufacturer)

-Our Jewelry and Pipette Boxes are Recyclable & Compostable,

-Our Cotton Bags are Reusable, Recyclable, & Compostable (The Ink on the Bags is Water-Soluble, Non-Toxic, & Acid-Free)

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All Sales are Final. We do not Accept Returns, Refunds, or Exchanges at Tropical Queens Crystals LLC. We Stand Behind our Products and will always be Transparent. We Believe these items chose their Owners Before the Owner even knew it, and Believe it's Meant to be.

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