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Tropical Queens Crystals

Smoky Quartz Pendant/Necklace

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This Listing is for (1) PC Smoky Quartz Point Necklace. 

You get 3 Choices to Choose from:

-Either the Color + Size of the Hemp Cord (5 Colors & 2 Sizes) 

-An Adjustable Sliding Knot (Black Color Only-ONE SIZE)

-The Option of only Purchasing the Pendant itself with the NO Cord Option

When Buying, Please Pay Attention to which Size you are Adding to your Cart.

There are 4 Colors and 2 Cord Sizes to Choose from

The Colors are as Follows:





The Colors are Noted on each Picture

The Cord Sizes are as Follows:

Short-Range Between 16 in-20 in Unattached at the Clasps or 8 in-10 in Attached at the Clasps

Long- Range Between 20 in-24 in Unattached at the Clasps or 10 in-12 in Attached at the Clasps 

Sliding Knot-Smallest Adjustable Length is 9 in and Largest Adjustable Length is 14 in

The Handmade Adjustable Slide Knot Necklace is made with 100% Cotton Braided Cord that is Lightly Polished with Potato Starch and is 100% Biodegradable

The Cord is Hand Braided, High Quality, Biodegradable, Naturally Cultivated Hemp and Finished in a very Light Coat of Corn and Potato Starch. The Hemp Cord is Made with Azo-Free Dye, Completely Oil-Free, and Non-Toxic.

All Metal on the Bracelets are made from High Quality 304 Stainless Steel

Smoky Quartz is a Grounding Stone that is Attuned to the Earth, has the Power to Neutralize Negative Energy, helps Protect Against EMF Radiation, and so much more!

Never Forget to Open your Heart and Mind to Feel What Cannot be Seen.

Enjoy Researching!


Cleansing Method:

All Objects in the Universe have a Natural Frequency. A Natural Frequency is the Frequency or Frequencies that an Object Vibrates at when Struck, Dropped, Hit, Disrupted, or Agitated. It's now known that Vibrations at a Certain Frequency Increase Mineral Crystallization, Promotes Healing, Promotes Well-Being, and Purifies Energy. Giving High Vibrational Items is of Major Importance to us. We use the Power of Sound to Cleanse and Recharge all of the Items Before Sending them Home to you.

When it comes to Connecting with your Pieces, be Conscious—as in Aware—of your Feelings and Thoughts. Energy Cannot Always Be Seen but Always can be Felt if you know when New Energy Enters your Personal Force Field. Energy is a Life Force, and Emotions/Feelings are Energy. We know Energy Exists, and it Affects our Day to Day Lives. Have you Felt these Emotions: Tired? Gut Feeling? Energetic? Sleepy? Deja Vu? Happy? Uncomfortable? Scared? Stressed? Sad? or Nervous?

The List is Endless ∞, and they all Exist Because of Energy. Just Because you don't know doesn't mean it doesn't Exist. Never Limit your Mind to a 3D World Locked Inside of a Box


Please Note:

These are Natural Crystals/Gemstones, and each Stone can have Variation in Characteristics such as Size, Shape, and Color.

The Necklace Shown in the Pictures Does Not Necessarily mean its the one being Received. These are Stock Photos. Thank You

Shipping & Returns

-Shipping 🏴‍☠️

Please Allow 1-4 Days for Processing

Packed with the Environment in MInd ♻️

-Our Shipping Boxes are Recyclable & Curbside Recyclable,

-Our Shipping Labels are Recyclable & Curbside Recyclable,

-Our Packing Supplies are Recyclable & Compostable,

-Our Packing Tape is Recyclable & Compostable (The Tape that Cushions the Ormus is NOT due to the Manufacturer)

-Our Jewelry and Pipette Boxes are Recyclable & Compostable,

-Our Cotton Bags are Reusable, Recyclable, & Compostable (The Ink on the Bags is Water-Soluble, Non-Toxic, & Acid-Free)

-Returns ⏎

All Sales are Final. We do not Accept Returns, Refunds, or Exchanges at Tropical Queens Crystals LLC. We Stand Behind our Products and will always be Transparent. We Believe these items chose their Owners Before the Owner even knew it, and Believe it's Meant to be.

Legal Notice

This Information is Not Intended to Provide Medical Advice and Should Not Be Construed- as Medical Recommendations for any Symptom, Illness, or Disease. Consult a Licensed Healthcare Professional for Treatment